Friday, 8 November 2013


The concept of Ownership arose from the time man started continuous exercise of his rights over a particular thing for his own  benefit. This enjoyment of  rights resulted in paving a concrete base for the Right of property. The concept of property right grew from time to time and man extended his right over almost all available objects including fellow  human beings.When man found out that his intellect is capable of bringing out monetary and moral benefits to him he started the practice of protecting Property arising out of his intellect by way of Copyright for his literary artistic dramatic and scientific works ,Patents for inventions ,goodwill by way of Trademarks . Intellectual Property rights as a statutory right was recognized as early as in 18th century where Statute of ANN an act of the Parliament of Great Britain, in 1710 was enacted for of protection of intellectual property rights  in books (today's copyright ) . Though by the Licensing Act of 1662 copying restrictions were authorized by Stationers' Company, a guild of printers. The Statute of Anne was the first statute to provide  copyright regulation  by the government and courts, rather than by private parties. Now Intellectual Property Rights is flourishing in every field from printing of book to space technology where  huge amount of money and reputation is attached. This vast growth has demanded an extensive protection from copying and various other infringements and here comes the importance of protecting the intellectual property rights by way of Copyrights, Trademarks,Patents, Geographical Indications, Trade secrets, Traditional Knowledge ,Biodiversity Protection  and Plant Variety Protection   .
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The blog intends to inform and discuss various Intellectual Property issues  arising in today’s techno legal areas .Feel free to reply comment and confeedback. Find us here at

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