Thursday, 21 November 2013

Publicly Traded Patent Collectors Plaguing Google, Apple.

In more than two decades as a publicly-traded company, Spherix Inc. developed diabetes treatments, marketed a low-calorie sweetener and handled campground reservations. Now it’s dealing in something completely different: patents.
Two months ago, Spherix merged with North South Holdings Inc., owner of a portfolio of 224 patents. The new Spherix, which calls itself an “intellectual property development company,” is pursuing infringement cases against the likes of T-Mobile US Inc. and buying former Nortel Networks patents from a consortium set up by Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc.
Spherix’s overnight transformation from a struggling scientific research company into a patent collector is the latest step in the race to turn other people’s ideas into dollars. In the past 16 months, at least five U.S. companies.....
As Published by Bloomberg
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