Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Kamaron’s ‘Zecodex’ Mark Canceled, Business Standard Says

Wockhardt Ltd. (WPL), a Mumbai-based drugmaker, persuaded India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board to cancel a trademark registered to a competitor, India’s Business Standard reported.
Wockhardt said that Gujarat-based Kamaron Laboratories Ltd.’s “Zecodex” mark was confusingly similar to the “Zedex” mark Wockhardt used for a cough syrup, the newspaper reported.
In its ruling, the board said that Kamaron should have conducted a trademark search before filing an application and that the company didn’t produce any evidence it had used the “Zecodex” mark, according to the Business Standard.
Although Wockhardt had used “Zedex” since 1983, Kamaron argued that the Mumbai company failed to oppose Kamaron’s 1996 trademark application for “Zecodes,” according to the newspaper.
As posted in Bloomberg.
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