Friday, 22 November 2013

Apple vs. Samsung: Jury awards $290 million to Apple in patent feud..

 SAN JOSE -- With a fresh $290 million jury verdict in hand, Apple(AAPL) got exactly what it wanted from a federal jury Thursday in its continuing patent feud with arch rival Samsung -- another stern message that copying iPhone and iPad technology comes with a steep price.
On the third day of deliberations, an eight-member jury awarded Apple $290 million in damages in the latest round of its legal battle with Samsung, close to the amount the Silicon Valley tech giant sought for Samsung's copying of the iPhone and iPad in 13 Samsung smartphones and tablets.
Jurors said after the verdict that they were aware the outcome would send a broader message about patent infringement, particularly in the valley's tech center.
"We felt that was the message of this trial," said juror Barry Goldman-Hall, a San Jose therapist. "If you invent something, that's a valuable commodity. In this particular business, that's serious."
With the verdict, Apple is owed a total of nearly $930 million for its overall patent infringement case against Samsung, including the results of last year's trial in which a separate jury found the South Korean maker of Galaxy smartphones and tablets and other devices violated Apple's patent rights in dozens of products.
In the most recent trial, the jury largely sided with Apple's demands to be compensated for 13 Samsung smartphones and tablets already found to have copied iPhone and iPad patents, such as Apple's bounce back and pinch-to-zoom features......
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