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Gene Patents - Evil, Inefficient or USEFUL

Here is the discussion on Gene Patents 

Gene Patents - Evil, Inefficient or USEFUL

Diptarka Ray SHould be for not more than 5 years, even if granted
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Poongothai Ramaswamy Gene patents should not be at least granted to the ones which are of health concerns to humans...
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Vijay Kumar Makyam But...what about research in this area..where great solutions are provided? Shouldn't we encourage the research by rewarding them by grant of patent.
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Vijay Kumar Makyam Just like life saving pharmaceutical drugs there should be controlled and not completely eliminated from patenting.
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Vijay Kumar Makyam Incases of misuse...revoke them or grant compulsory license.
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Vijay Kumar Makyam Not granting patents would go against Article 27 of Trips.
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Vijay Kumar Makyam Though governments are given liberty to take a call on patents related to plant and animals.
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Poongothai Ramaswamy Vijay sir ....i was keeping in mind... Myriad genetics case while commenting on this post...

Myriad Gene Patent Litigation - Genomics Law Report
As we previously reported , after the Supreme Court decided AMP v. Myriad Geneti...See More
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Vijay Kumar Makyam I am not sure about the details of this case; however seems this case on the point that DNA that had merely been isolated from the body was not patentable subject matter. I am not going into technicalities here but as Indian Patent Act has Section 3(d) for stopping ever greening of pharmaceutical patents; there should be some provision of law for controlling the gene patents and should not be completely eliminated.
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Vijay Kumar Makyam The Research in Gene Patents would be quite useful to solve genetically disorders and several such issues.

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