Friday, 3 January 2014

Haleem soon to be tagged in International Geographical Indication (GI)

The savoury Haleem may soon be sold in Europe with the Hyderabadi tag proudly displayed on the packaging if makers manage to bag an international geographical indication (GI) tag for it.
Proponents of intellectual property rights say that several products see new innings in their marketability when they get a GI tag, which ties it with the geographical area and renders it unique. Notable for bagging the tag are Tirupati Laddu, Pochampally Ikat and Nirmal Toys. Haleem was the only product from the city that was awarded the tag in 2011, but only within the geographical boundaries of India. Now the makers want an international GI tag to improve upon its Rs 100 crore market.
The tag renders a product unique and authentic. Only registered makers can sell it, protecting the manufacturer from imitation. Consumers can be assured that the product is authentic and is of the quality they expect," said Subhajit Saha, Intellectual Property Rights Consular and a registered patent agent at the Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Center, which helps artisans and product-makers apply and bag the tag. He added that the tag gives a product a face-lift and if properly branded, could also help in sales promotion.
"The applications for the tag are filed with the geographical indication registrar in Chennai. Among the applications pending from the state are Machilipatnam Bandar Laddu, Machilipatnam imitation jewelry, Nizamabad Black Clay Pottery and Banganapalle Mango. The famed Hyderabadi Biryani has been on the waiting list for nearly four years now.
S Ravi, who was part of the team that helped Haleem Makers Association bag the GI tag, reveals the plan to get the tag for the makers of Lukhmi, a stuffed-meat starter. "Apart from Lukhmi, I am also planning on helping makers of Naan Katai and bangle sellers of Laad Bazaar bag the tag," he said.
As for Haleem, plans are afoot to apply for a tag with the European Union and UK. "Given the large number of expatriate Indians in UK, the product will become really popular there," MA Majeed, president of Haleem Makers Association said.
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