Saturday, 21 December 2013

India in Madrid

      Further to the accession to the Madrid  Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks , which dates from 1891, and the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement ,Indian Trademark office has now issued guidelines as to functioning of Trademark under the Protocol .

Getting protection in  many jurisdictions by filing an application  for international registration by submitting to the International Bureau of the World  Intellectual Property Organization at Geneva, through the office of origin i.e. the trademark office of the  applicant is supposed to help the Trademark owners in getting into an international platform effortlessly , efficiently. 
 An existing Applicant  of trademark registration  or a registered trademark mark owner  is to file an application under Madrid thereby he can chose one or more countries where he wants his mark to get protected in  form MM 2(E)  , on line and through the system  by paying -€Rs 2000/ as handling fee for an International Application.A gateway for submitting MM 2(E) has been provided in page   at

        The Version 1 guidelines issued by the Mumbai Trademark Registry gives a glimpse on Trademark registration under the Protocol.  INDIA, AS THE OFFICE OF ORIGIN deals with filing of the applications, verification of international applications, receiving irregularities, if any, from the Wipo and responding to them, communication as to ceasing of effect of basic application or registration referred in the international application.  

         As office of designated  contracting party the trademark registry is supposed to receive  international registrations designating India, examination of international registrations  designating India, publication of international registration in the  trademarks journal, receiving opposition to protection of  international registrations, communicating  provisional refusal on the basis of opposition,  conducting opposition proceedings and notifying the  final decision,Recording renewals and changes and corrections in the international registrations.
         The guidelines provides  various forms in the Annexure 1 to 11 needed in the Trademark registration   under Madrid. 

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